Bill McKibben to DC Council: Divest from Fossil Fuels!

In a November 2015 letter, Bill McKibben from and Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn representing the Mayors Innovation Project invited DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Council of the District of Columbia “to join a growing international movement by divesting your city’s pension funds and Health Annuity Trust from fossil fuel companies.”  Their letter goes on to say:

    This global movement – including cities, states, foundations, universities, and pension funds, has collectively divested over $2.6 trillion in assets. There is an increasingly diverse array of reinvestment options, significant research about continued carbon risk in normal portfolios, and solid track records for divested portfolios.

This climate activism is part of a rich history of making change via how and where we invest our money. The anti-apartheid divestment movement targeting companies doing business in South Africa is cited as being critical in the eventual progress of that country. […] As more cities, many of whom have already made commitments to fight global warming, take this step, the effect will be profound – both financially and by making a statement that profiting from the misery of future generations is wrong.

Thanks for the support, and the Mayors Innovation Project!


350 Letter to DC Council

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It’s time to stop investing in climate change.

DC Divests its pension fund!


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Petition to the DC Council: Stop investing in fossil fuel companies


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